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FLUÈRE Alcohol Free Spirits - Spiced Cane Blend - Non-Alcoholic Rum

Pear me a break cocktail.

Fluere Smoked Agave , Very good with Roots Divino non alcoholic white vermouth, simple syrup,lime juice & pear nectar. A bit of salt around the rim of the glass.

FLUÈRE Alcohol Free Spirits - Spiced Cane Blend - Non-Alcoholic Rum

FLUÈRE Alcohol Free Spirits - Original - Non-Alcoholic Gin


Love the mezcal/tequila! I used it in a margarita with the usual mixing’s, and it was superb.

Fleure cane sugar

Love as an alternative to rum… 👌🏻

Great product

This company has a great product and great customer service.


I love these gin alternatives. They taste so authentic that my first order went into the freezer (due to habit!) and of course, exploded everywhere! I ordered a second time and my drinks came within a few business days! Worth the cost. Do not put in the freezer! Enjoy your drinks!


This company really stands behind their quality and customer service. Highly recommended

An excellent gin substitute.

Have tried several different options for non-alcoholic gin and this is by far my favorite. Reasonably priced, good aromatics and nice depth. Mix it with a low calorie tonic and add a sprig of mint and you have a lovely summer cocktail.

Copper Bell Jigger
Jig of all Jiggers!

Just love that it is wide mouthed and makes for and easy pour.
We use it for all our mixed drinks now.

Refreshing summer drink

Add a little lime and soda water with lots of ice and voila a refreshing summer drink without the alcohol. Love it

Everyone loved it

I made a couple of cocktails for people who would normally consume alcohol, and they all loved it and thought it was entirely satisfying as a 'cocktails' experience. I would love a non-spiced version of 'rum' as most of my go-to rum cocktails don't use spiced rum and I'm looking forward to being able to make crisp, white-rum-based mocktails too.

Superb product

First time trying a non alcoholic spirit and I can honestly say that Fluére has nailed the flavour. Loved the smokiness of the Agave product. Definitely recommending it to friends.

Good stuff

Very similar to "real" rum but more mild and without the burn. Tastes great in Tiki drinks and is good for people who don't drink, can't drink or have been nominated to be the designated driver.

Excellent option to alcohol based run

Made the dark and stormy and totally enjoyed how refreshing it was. Flavour is amazing.

Great Taste

The taste of the Spiced Cane Blend is very good.

Absolutely Brilliant!

My faux gin and Tonics with Fluere are a go to beverage for my wife and I, especially over the last year when the covid isolation encourages a bit too much self indulgence. We can enjoy the flavor and sensation of a G&T without the downsides that come with too much enjoyment of alcohol. We have consumed about 9 bottles of Fluere over the last 12 months and will be buying more.

Non Alcoholic Gin

Tastes great!
Beautiful Bottle.
We have re-ordered.

You get what you pay for !

High quality alternative to rum. Mixes well with ginger beer and/or cola. A little pricy but I totally recommend.

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