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What is FLUÈRE?

Fluère is a non-alcoholic spirit. A true work of art made using the same distilling techniques as spirits like gin, whisky and rum. Fluère is made with the finest ingredients and botanicals sourced from across the globe to collectively deliver a complex yet balanced taste and ensure the unique after bite normally only associated with alcoholic drinks. 

Fluère enables you to make luxurious cocktails and beverages for everyone seeking a more mindful and balanced lifestyle. Fluère is the perfect base for non-alcoholic long drinks (such as Fluère & tonic) and delicious non-alcoholic cocktails or low-alcohol drinks.

Why is it called FLUÈRE?

Fluère is Latin for "Flow". This refers to both the liquid in the bottle and the process of "being in the flow"; meaning savouring the moment. The absence of alcohol ensures you remain in balance and control and thus stay in the 'flow'.

What botanicals are in FLUÈRE?

The botanical extracts in Fluère Original are juniper, lavender, coriander and citrus (lemon peel). Those extracts then undergo a process of filtering, mixing and harmonizing. The expertise of the distiller is in the perfect harmony of aromas and flavours; an art that guarantees both consistency and quality of the final product.

What is in FLUÈRE and why?

Only the finest botanicals, fruits and ingredients are used for Fluère. From exotic Casablanca coriander seed to the best juniper berries from the peaks of the Himalayas, and exquisite lavender from Provence,

To get the best out of every branch, leaf and berry, all botanicals are individually distilled using hydrosteam distillation. The essential oils derived from the distilling process ensure the premium taste and unique after-bite of any drink made with Fluère.

Does FLUÈRE contain sugar?

Yes, but only a touch to carry the botanical flavours.

  • Fluère Original Blend = 0.6g per 60mL serving
  • Fluère Raspberry Blend = 0.7g per 60mL serving
  • Fluère Spiced Cane = 4.7g per 60mL serving

How many calories does FLUÈRE contain? 

Each variant contains a very low calorific value. 

  • Fluère Original Blend = Just 3 calories per 60mL serving
  • Compare with gin = 148 calories per 60mL serving
  • Fluère Raspberry Blend = Just 3.6 calories per 60mL serving
  • Compare with pink gin = 263 calories per 60mL serving
  • Fluère Spiced Cane = Just 20 calories per 60mL serving
  • Compare with rum = 130 calories per 60mL serving

Which category does FLUÈRE belong to?

Fluère belongs to a whole new category called non-alcoholic distilled spirits.

What is a non-alcoholic distilled spirit?

This is a completely new category; our non-alcoholic spirit is made using steam distillation. Distilling is the separation of substances, utilizing kettles, to produce the purest extracts.

 "Steam distillation is a technique employed to distill alcohol or extract essential oils from organics by passing steam through the plant material. Temperature sensitive compounds which would normally break down through simple distillation vaporise at lower temperatures when subjected to steam in the vapour chamber or column. This allows for the separation of essential oils, which tend to be less soluble in boiling water, from chemically complex materials. When the steam passes through the organic material tiny pockets that hold the essential oils open to release the essential oil molecules without damaging or burning these delicate components."

Is there really no alcohol in FLUÈRE?

Like some other food products e.g. vinegar and orange juice, Fluère contains trace amounts of alcohol but less than 0.1%. This is why we are classified as non-alcoholic vs. alcohol free. The <0.1% alcohol comes from the natural fermentation process that takes place with fruits and our other botanicals before distillation.

How long can I keep FLUÈRE for?

Fluère drinks do not require a best before/sell by date as they are stable liquids which do not deteriorate over time.

Fluère has no best before date when unopened.

Once opened, we recommend using within 16 weeks, although Fluère has been known to be open for longer and the quality has not been affected.

Fluère does not require refrigeration, simply store in a cool place out of reach of direct sunlight.

Where can I buy FLUÈRE?

Fluère is available in select premium stockists across Canada. 

If you would like to find a store near you, send your location to and we’ll suggest your nearest stockist.

How do I become a stockist?

Drop us an email at with some information on your business and we will connect you with the right member of our team.

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